WithCoach Online Course Builder Review

Building an online course with Coach is really easy. I wanted to give this¬†withcoach review more stars. Maybe I will update the review in the future as more features roll out. This review is going to focus more on the tools and service itself (what you can and can’t do in Coach) versus the actual … Continued

Setting A Custom Domain Name On GitHub Pages

WOW! I can’t believe I just spent two days on the simplest error with getting my Github pages to use a custom domain name. First things first, here is the official documentation from Namecheap. I followed all of the instructions including adding the records like so. But still I was getting a 404. Then I … Continued

How To Use Sweet Alert With Rails

I was tired of the boring looking confirm info box in my rails app. A quick Google search and I found Sweet Alerts. I struggled to get this to work in my Ruby on Rails project for a couple reasons. First, if you wanted to download the source files of Sweet Alerts and include them … Continued

A big ass list of marketing and design resources

A Small List Of Online Marketing & Design Resources

Material Design Materialize CSS Material UI Material Palette Content Automation Services IFTTT Content MarketerCoSchedule Buffer App Later Typography Typewolf Type Genius Type Hunting Icons Font Awesome Material Design Icons Kameleon Icon Pack Mockups Placeit.net Magic Mockups Dunnnk Pixeden Graphic Burger SEO Tools SEMrush BuzzSumo ParadoxSEO Ninja Outreach Agency Analytics Screaming Frog

Why everyone should have a life list

Do you have a life list? If not, you should. A life list (sometimes called a bucket list) is a great way to instantly inject purpose and meaning into your life. If you are honest with yourself, then you can think back to the last time you were in a rut. Feeling stuck in life … Continued