SEO Keywords For Real Estate Investors

Keywords are the lifeblood of any real estate investors online marketing strategy. SEO keywords are the highest performing and highest ROI marketing strategy an investor can have. If you dominate your market’s SEO keywords for phrases like “We buy houses Vancouver” then you can bet that you are going to generate leads online with very … Continued

What I Learned From February’s Goal

Ouch, another failed month of trying to complete a 30 day challenge. It’s fair to say that I am a little disappointed. The whole point of these 30 day challenges was to create a pattern disrupt and break some bad habits by forming new ones. So far, not so good. But I will not be … Continued

4 Features Most Carrot Members Don’t Use…But Really Should Be Using

Want the quick rundown of what’s covered here? Auto Complete Address Field SMS text notifications Campaign tracking links Featured blog post images For those unaware, I work for InvestorCarrot. I help out with the marketing and day to day operations. I have the pleasure of interacting with a lot of members in support, in-person events, … Continued

How to install a facebook pixel for retargeting

How To Install A Facebook Pixel For Retargeting

A Facebook pixel is one of the most powerful things you can place on your website. Here’s why. A Facebook pixel allows you to create a¬†custom segment of your website visitors and then only show ads to them for your marketing campaigns. The alternative is running Adwords campaigns that are keyword based. Facebook is more … Continued

What I Learned From January’s Goal

If you look here you will see that I tried to read the Bible every day for 30 days. I failed. In this post I want to break down why I wasn’t able to follow through with, what I thought, was an easy 30-day challenge. Some of the things I have learned, and how I … Continued

InvestorCarrot Website Review

InvestorCarrot websites are industry leading real estate investor websites. But InvestorCarrot ( offers much more than just a website. In honor of full transparency, I work for InvestorCarrot. But I strongly believe in the product (hence why I work for Carrot) and have a first-hand look at how well the platform actually works. Here is … Continued

WithCoach Online Course Builder Review

Building an online course with Coach is really easy. I wanted to give this¬†withcoach review more stars. Maybe I will update the review in the future as more features roll out. This review is going to focus more on the tools and service itself (what you can and can’t do in Coach) versus the actual … Continued