25 Free Blog Featured Images For Download

Free Featured Images Featured Image

If you blog there is a good chance you use featured images.

Especially if you blog with WordPress.

The benefits of having a blog featured image are they make your article look nice, and they give the search engines more information about your article.

Google has made it clear that user experience is becoming a bigger role in which sites get ranked.

As it should, readers want to follow and see blogs that have a nice design and have paid attention to making reading on the site enjoyable.

So if you are struggling with ideas for your next featured image I have you covered. I created a handful of free blog featured images.

These are 750 x 300 and are free to modify to your blog’s needs.

Download the featured images here

The icon set is from Kameleon.pics and are a really nice group of works. I am most likely going to grab their entire pack soon.

For the icon background images. I used Google’s Material Design colors for inspiration.

If you haven’t heard of Google’s material design you should give it a look and check out their style guide.

So again, to briefly recap, these are free to use but please don’t redistribute these without my knowledge. If you would like to curate or offer these on your blog feel free but a link back would be much appreciated.

Download the featured images here

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