Facebook’s Ad Manager vs Power Editor – A Comprehensive Guide

When you start running Facebook ads you will see two options…Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Which should you use?

Is one better than the other?

Why does Facebook even have two ways to publish ads on its platform?

All these questions and more will be answered in this post.

First things first, what are the differences between ads manager & power editor?

You can think of Ads Manager like ordering a sandwich at a deli.

You tell Facebook what you want to order and work your way down an order form, checking off things you don’t want and turning features on you do want.

As you fill out your options you will be building your campaign, ad sets, and ads in a nice easy user interface.

You can think of this as your order form. The options for what you want are on the right for each category

Should I be using ads manager?

If you are new to advertizing on Facebook then this can be a great way to go through the process and understand how campaigns are built.

In addition, Facebook shows the “Account Overview” tab which is a great place to see how well your ads are working and where they are being shown. Finding reports in Power Editor isn’t as easy so this is a great place to monitor things if you have a few simple campaigns.

Which brings me to my final point on Ads Manager.

If you are just running a few simple campaigns then I would suggest using Ads Manager. Your campaigns will be easy to edit, manage, and see their effectiveness.

But if you plan on split testing ads, running more than 4-5 ads at a time, and spending $1k a week or more, you should strongly consider Power Editor.

What’s the deal with Power Editor?

Power Editor, the other method for advertizing on Facebook is a more robust tool that allows for easy ad manipulation.

Here are a few examples.

  • Say you want to adjust the budget on 10 ad sets all at once. Power Editor can do that
  • Say you want to duplicate 4 ads and move them from one ad set to a different one. Power Editor can do that.
  • If you want to create more than one ad set at a time. Power Editor can do that.

You get the idea.

If Ads Manager is a sandwich order form then Power Editor is a like a conductor at a symphony.

The conductor can tell the horn sections to get louder or quieter.

He can single out the oboe player for solo.

Or he can just sit up there and watch his masterpiece and listen for any irregularities and quickly correct it.

Basically, what I am trying to say is you have more control to make big and or small changes.

Again, you should be using Power Editor if you work in a team and have a bunch of campaigns all happening at once.

You will be able to make big changes quickly and the more comfortable you are in Power Editor early on the better.

They both still work the same way

Both of these methods have the same ads hierarchy.

A campaign can hold multiple ad sets, and the ad sets can hold multiple ads.

Why does Facebook have two options to publish ads?

Today, both of these features look relatively the same.

That wasn’t always the case.

For a while Power Editor was much more confusing and complex because it had more features and options.

But Facebook has always supported both methods because they have to tailor to small brands like small business owners who wouldn’t use the platform if it was confusing.

All the way up to big brands like McDonald’s who will run millions of dollars in ads.

Get comfortable with both, or just pick one. It really doesn’t matter.

What is important is knowing where all of the features are at in Facebook’s platform and how to use them.

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