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WithCoach Review – Online Course Management Software

WithCoach rebranded to Podia. Building an online course with Coach is really easy. I wanted to give this withcoach review more stars. Maybe I will update the review in the future as more features roll out. This review is going to focus more on the tools and service itself (what you can and can’t do in … Continued

Sweet Alert Confirm Example

How To Use Sweet Alert With Rails

I was tired of the boring looking confirm info box in my rails app. A quick Google search and I found Sweet Alerts. I struggled to get this to work in my Ruby on Rails project for a couple reasons. First, if you wanted to download the source files of Sweet Alerts and include them … Continued

Life list example

Why everyone should have a life list

Do you have a life list? If not, you should. A life list (sometimes called a bucket list) is a great way to instantly inject purpose and meaning into your life. If you are honest with yourself, then you can think back to the last time you were in a rut. Feeling stuck in life … Continued

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Why I try and read a book every month

I have always enjoyed reading, I have just never been disciplined. When you attend college you are assigned a lot of reading. To be honest, there is no way someone could read all of that. Much less retain it and store it in their long term memory. College learning is like learning in a bubble. … Continued

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[Treehouse Review] What I Learned After 12,963 Points

Team Treehouse is an online education subscription that teaches a wide variety of web related skills and technologies. Treehouse courses cover everything from front end development, back end development, design, and even starting your own business. I have tried many other code schools but I am a big fan of Treehouse for a couple reasons: … Continued

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Agency Analytics Review

[schema type=”review” url=”http://agencyanalytics.com/” name=”Agency Analytics Review” description=” Agency Analytics is a great tool to track your keywords and show you how well your website is ranking in the SERPs. If you run a small SEO shop or manage a couple of websites for yourself or clients, then this tool is competitively priced and offers a … Continued

Raspi Bakery Products

How To Align Buttons In WooCommerce – The Easy Way

Before/After If you are using WooThemes’ WooComerce plugin to create an ecommerce site then chances are you need to align the bottoms to make the columns look a little better. Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all solution. There are a couple variables that could cause this solution not to work for your theme. However, … Continued

Foundation Top Bar Overlay Background

How To Use Foundation Top-Bar To Overlay Background Image

For the longest time I have struggled with getting my Foundation top-bar to overlay a full width image, think hero image. The biggest problem is making it work on the home page and then have different styles on the inner pages. The results The problem If you have a transparent background and your <body> is … Continued

Free Featured Images Featured Image

25 Free Blog Featured Images For Download

If you blog there is a good chance you use featured images. Especially if you blog with WordPress. The benefits of having a blog featured image are they make your article look nice, and they give the search engines more information about your article. Google has made it clear that user experience is becoming a … Continued

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Use Javascript To Insert Random Quotes

I have a tough time with javascript, I don’t know what it is but I cannot get it to work as easily as HTML and CSS. However, I have found a great write up from Florence W Deems that I have altered and it works perfectly. Before we dive into the code, I have noticed … Continued

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How To Save Just One Page Of A PDF Document

Seems pretty straight forward. I just needed to save 3 pages from a 41 page pdf document. In this post I will show you how to save one page of a pdf. TL;DR if you are using Mac, just open the PDF if Preview.app and drag the page you want to your desktop I started … Continued

Google Tag Manager Fires Tracking Scripts

My Foray Into The World Of Google Tag Manager

I have heard online marketers talking about Google Tag Manager (GTM from here on out) for some time now. I took another look about a month ago and was still unconvinced if it made sense for this blog. The use case seems geared towards large websites with numerous departments managing content, code, and other website activities. … Continued