How To Effectively Use Tracking Links On Facebook

You spend the time to make a beautiful Facebook ad, your custom audiences are dialed in. You publish your campaign and… You see you are getting clicks but you aren’t sure why you aren’t getting the results you intend. More than likely you don’t have proper link tracking set up on your Facebook marketing campaigns. … Continued

Facebook’s Ad Manager vs Power Editor – A Comprehensive Guide

When you start running Facebook ads you will see two options…Ads Manager and Power Editor. Which should you use? Is one better than the other? Why does Facebook even have two ways to publish ads on its platform? All these questions and more will be answered in this post. First things first, what are the … Continued

How To Set Your Budget For Facebook Ads

It can happen to the best of us. We turn on a Facebook campaign, miss a couple steps and WHAM! You are hit with a bill from Facebook that is 3x more than you meant to spend. So how do you avoid that? How do you set your campaigns up on Facebook to ensure you … Continued

6 Quick Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Once you get your Facebook business page launched how do you optimize it? How do you get it to show up in search results and allow a user to easily interact with your page? I will break down some simple and important settings you should consider changing to optimize your Facebook page. Check out the … Continued

A Big List Of Real Estate Investing Resources

As I find and use real estate resources I will drop links to them here. My plan is to use this as a digital place to document, store, and share what I find useful for real estate investors. Rehab Calculator Property Rehab Checklist


How To Optimize Images For Your WordPress Blog

If you run a WordPress blog then chances are you upload images to it. A well designed WordPress blog will give you multiple ways to layout your images. But there are some technical aspects to consider when uploading large files to your WordPress blog. The biggest consideration is performance. For every image you upload, your … Continued

SEO Keywords For Real Estate Investors

Keywords are the lifeblood of any real estate investors online marketing strategy. SEO keywords are the highest performing and highest ROI marketing strategy an investor can have. If you dominate your market’s SEO keywords for phrases like “We buy houses Vancouver” then you can bet that you are going to generate leads online with very … Continued