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Project Details

Project Status: Shutdown

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Project Tech: Micro SaaS

Why I launched REIScorecard

I was browsing Twitter on a Friday night and saw a user complaining about tracking their marketing effectiveness.

Scorecards are something I have helped implement at Carrot and I thought it would be fun to create a simple approach for real estate investors to track their marketing ROI.

I looked on and found was available. I purchased it on a whim and set a goal to ship something on the domain by Sunday.

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday making the spreadsheet, creating a simple landing page, and setting up a form that will send the scorecard to someone who opts in.

Highlights 👍

I think the landing page and spreadsheet look great. I am proud of the quick turnaround and not being caught up on all the minor details. Ship and iterate was the name of the game here.

I sent this to a few people in my network and saw a handful of opt-ins come in.

Lowlights 👎

I wanted to get more automation built into this spreadsheet. It would be next level if I could configure Google Analytics to dump data into this spreadsheet and have it run the calculations.

This would remove the manual steps someone needs to take to interact with the spreadsheet.

Biggest Insights

Turning around a project in a weekend is a ton of fun and something I want to do more of. It’s really easy to get bogged down with all the minor details and big ideas. I loved setting a goal of shipping something by Sunday night.

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