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REI Motivation Blog Post

For the last 4+ years, I have been working for a company called Carrot.

During my time with Carrot, I have seen thousands of real estate investors launch websites and generate leads. I have helped run split tests, SEO tests, and seen the inside of million-dollar Google Ads campaigns.

I challenged myself to launch my own Carrot website ( and focus on SEO to rank it and generate real estate leads. I have my website on the top page for some highly motivated keywords.

The natural progression for me is to create a blog dedicated to everything I have learned about digital marketing for real estate investors. Enter REI Motivation.

But I want REI Motivation to be much more than a blog about digital marketing. I want it to be the MOST actionable, tested, and relevant content for real estate investors looking to generate leads online.

I also have aspirations to blog about my journey into real estate investing.

I hope to buy a couple of properties for cash flow investing and to supplement my retirement income.

Once I start the process of buying and holding rental properties I will document every step of the journey.

The technology used on REI Motivation

As with most of my websites, I used the Sage theme from Roots. I am still using Sage 8 but I grabbed some styles from another blog I did and made the theme heavily focused on content. I removed the sidebar and am focusing on 1,500+ word blog posts that cover some high-level content topics.

My best content

So far I have written 10 blog posts. These definitely take more time than other blog posts I have written and I often go back and edit them. Here are 3 blog posts that I am proud of.

Going forward

I have a lot of plans for this blog. I plan to make it generate leads with a subscribe form and a free SEO course.

I also want to look at having a paid course and some paid services to help investors with their technical SEO because that is where they often miss the mark.

Finally, I want to guest post and have this blog post recommended highly amongst the real estate marketing industry.

Follow my journey and learn more about WHY I started REI Motivation over on my blog.