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This was my first Ruby On Rails app. I have always like Rails because it comes with everything you need out of a box (local server, database, etc). I also really enjoy the MVC framework and think building CRUD apps in Rails is a dream.

After watching a few tutorials and a lot of failures, I was finally able to publish something online which feels great.

The premise of this app is to give gratitude and focus on one goal a day. So often, to do lists turn into long, unorganized lists or unprioritized things.

This app was trying to simplify the users focus for the day.

Some of my favorite things I learned when coding this were to have a logged in and a logged out view. I also really enjoyed creating a user’s preference page.

I would love to learn how to create some email triggers for the app in the near future.

Admittedly, there are a lot of missing features for this to be robust. I am also sure there are some best practices that I missed when launching my first Rails app, but I am working on more Rails stuff and excited to publish some more projects.