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Project Status: Shutdown

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Project Tech: Ruby On Rails

Why I launched this project

After launching my first Ruby on Rails project (smartgoalsapp). I wanted to take my new skills and develop an app I would actually try to sell and market.

At the time of this project I was also trying to become a better writer. I understand that a consistent habit will lead to mastery of a subject so I tried to create an app that encouraged daily writing prompts.

Highlights 👍

  1. The product is more polished than my first RoR app.
  2. Brought in some data from gems on writing efficiency and effort

Lowlights 👎

  • I wasn’t able to program the functionality I had in mind

Going forward

I have no plans to continue with this project. It’s very simple and I have no analytics or tracking on it. If you want to sign up for a free account and click around, feel free.

Biggest Insights

There are a lot of really great gems out there. But you should be careful and not get overly dependent on them for your core functionality. I ended up trying to alter functionality and the project got really complicated, really quick.

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