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Over the course of my career in SaaS operations, I’ve seen how important playbooks and processes are to achieve repeatable results.

Unfortunately, creating playbooks, templates, and process isn’t easy and certain personality types severely struggle with this type of work.

I’ve also realized that it’s generally a waste of time to reinvent the wheel and a process/framework exists for most common business practices like writing blog posts, hiring, and conducting 1:1 meetings.

After creating, organizing, and deploying dozens of playbooks over the last 4 years, I wanted to start documenting them in case others found them useful.

Thus came the idea for to make a big list of all the most useful playbooks we use at Carrot (

I normally like custom coding projects like this but wanted to challenge myself to learn some no-code tools so I can increase the speed at which I launch ideas.

I heard about on a podcast I frequently listen to and figured I would give it a try.

It’s really easy to use their no-code solution and gives enough options to allow you to customize your site and app but not enough to feel overwhelmed.

The backend is a simple database from The rows/columns are in the input on the front end.

Airtable setup

From there I wired up some simple logged-in and logged-out user permissions to redirect to a Stripe checkout page or to the playlist depending on user status.

It’s a very simple project, but I think it looks great, utilizes free no-code tools, and provides value for anyone looking to swipe and deploy SaaS operations-type playbooks.

The final result is a simple Google Doc that a user can convert to whatever format makes the most sense for their business.

Playbook example

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