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Project Details

Project Status: Shutdown

Project URL:

Project Tech: Javascript

Why I launched this project

This was another Epicodus project I worked on (outside of class hours) to try and learn more about APIs. I wanted to find a free and simple API and have a user put in a search and have data returned.

Highlights 👍

  1. Learned how to call out to an API
  2. Learned how to receive data back from the API
  3. Learned how to programmatically display and class the API data

Lowlights 👎

The imdb API is no longer working in the configuration I had set up

Going forward

This is such a simple project that I am not sure it even belongs on this list. I have no plans to update this project.

Biggest Insights

APIs are really powerful and a great way to give a website more dynamic data. In the future, I need to learn more about APIs and want to launch a heavy API based project.

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