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Modest CSS Example

Project Details

Project Status: Active

Project URL:

Project Tech: CSS

Why I launched this project

I created this project while I was in coding school at Epicodus. I came into code school with some CSS and HTML knowledge. I wanted to challenge myself by learning some dev tools.

I picked up Gulp and created a very lightweight and simple SCSS framework based on the Skeleton CSS framework. The point of this project was to take Skeleton CSS and allow it to use Sass features and gulp them into a single CSS file.

Highlights 👍

  1. I learned how to use Gulp JS
  2. The gulp file worked when I launched it
  3. I was able to mix my love of design and code

Lowlights 👎

I didn’t create as many components as I had planned.

Going forward

I have no plans to pick this up in the near future. I do have a desire to create a simple lightweight CSS framework and a simple WP theme. But that will likely happen when I have more free time.

Biggest Insights

Code documentation isn’t my favorite type of documentation. I struggled to find a clean way to output the code and opted for embedded gist files.

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