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I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and step outside my comfort zone with this project. I created Extol Project as a way for Christian’s to start a conversation about their faith.

Extol Project will create unique designs that get people asking “what does that mean”.

From there it’s up to you to have an answer ready to go. Whether that be a Bible verse, a story, or whatever.

The apparel and designs are also meant to be a reminder not to shy away or back down from your faith but talk about it.

I love the idea of this brand and am really excited to see where Extol Project goes.

At the end of the day, I wanted to create a brand that was much more than t-shirts. I branded it as a project so there is room to grow into challenges, events, and other ways to help people talk about their faith.

It’s becoming harder and harder for Christians to talk openly about God and what He means to us and our lives. Hopefully, this is a good way to start the conversation in a friendly and open-ended way.

Go here if you would like to read more about Extol Project’s story and how it was started.