Traction Book Cover

Traction Book Review

by: Gabriel Weinberg, Justin Mares

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Book Summary:

I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to launch a product or service.

The reason I found this book so useful was that it leverages other founders credibility right off the bat.

Often times a book is published and the founder gives his insights into running a business but rarely uses outside influence.

From the start, this book interviews successful CEO and founders across a variety of different industries.

I love how each chapter is short, to the point, highly actionable, and has key takeaways at the end.

You can read through this book as almost a playlist. It is broken down into 19 traction channels. You could define 3-5 traction channels and work your way through them while recording the effectiveness of them.

It really is a great read and I highly recommend it. You can buy a copy here.

Biggest Takeaway:

Most traction channels should be performed for under $1,000 and a month of time.

For instance, if you are going to try SEM (search engine marketing). Try going after your best keywords for $1000 and see if the channel is even viable.

If you were going to target 10 bloggers, spend $1k in giveaways or products to get on their blogs.

I love how each traction channel is easy to follow when you think about devoting a month of time to it.

Happy reading.

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