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The Miracle Morning

by: Hal Elrod

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Book Summary:

I would recommend Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning” to anyone looking to improve their personal development.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make my May challenge all about the Miracle Morning.

Hal has a unique story and plenty of positive reviews from people participating in his miracle morning.

The basic idea of this book is waking up early and finding a routine that promotes good habits.

The best part is that you can customize this routine to your lifestyle and schedule.

Without knowing it, I had already incorporated some of these exercises into my morning. However, after reading the book I have a greater appreciation for my routine and a few things I want to try to make me feel accomplished and at peace when I start my day.

Biggest Takeaway:

Hal breaks down the Miracle Morning into an acronym that he uses through the book. It is called Life S.A.V.E.R.S

Silence — this involves meditation, prayer, expressing gratitude, silent reflection, basically putting your mind at rest for a brief period of time. For me, I aim for 5 minutes.

Affirmations — this was new for me. But basically, you say your goals out loud and put them out there so that you are forced to think about and then live that reality (if it happens). Being honest this is a little uncomfortable for me but I am going to try it.

Visualization — I have read a lot about visualization and say what you want about it but it certainly does give you more clarity about why you want things. You should sit quietly, close your eyes, and think (in excruciating detail) about your goals and what they look like, feel like, and anything and everything you can see as it’s happening.

Exercise — This one is as obvious as it is difficult. Like most of us, I am usually the one to make excuses about working out in the morning. So instead of getting a full exercise routine in, I just do 20-30 push ups, crunches, and air squats to get my heart rate up.

Read — If you are reading this, great job, you are 1/7th of the way to a Miracle Morning. Hal suggests reading anything that is going to make you a better person. If you don’t like “self-help” or “personal development” books that is fine (although I disagree with you). But you should be reading something to perfect your craft or hone your skills.

Scribe — He had to call it “scribe” so the acronym made sense. The final part of the morning is dedicated to journaling. This is something I have always struggled to do consistently. But I am committed to writing down things I am grateful for, struggles, and thoughts so I can flip back to them in a year and see how far (or not) I have come.

Again, I would recommend Hal’s book to anyone looking to have a kickass morning.

In all fairness, the book does repeat itself a bit at the end and gets a little corny at times. But the basic ideas of what will help you feel great in the morning are there so it’s worth a read.

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