The Fitness Mindset

By: Brian Keane

This is a great book if you are starting to get interesting in fitness + nutrition.

I love how the author starts out with mindset and talks about the habit and discipline part of fitness. It’s a lifestyle and routine as much as it is an “activity”.

A lot of this information was review for me but I appreciated the concise nature in which Brian writes.

This book would be great for someone who wants to learn about macros and how each type (fat, carb, and protein) work within your body.

Brian gives helpful guidance on how to setup your macros for the type of body you have. The 3 types of bodies are

  1. The Ectomorph
  2. The endomorph
  3. The mesomorph

This book also gives some helpful guidance on common supplements and vitamins to take and what each does for your body.

Sleep and hydration are covered as well. They are important. Get your ZZZs and h20.

Finally there are some workouts that are pretty basic in here but it’s a full package in terms of fitness + mindset + workouts.

Biggest Insights

There is a mathmatical formula for determining your macros and you can use that science and math to efficiently fuel your body.

Example: Carbs are the fastest burning macro so use them if you want a quick spike of energy (like completing a workout).

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