One Up On Wall Street Book Cover

One Up On Wall Street Book Review

by: Peter Lynch

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Book Summary:

This book was full of useful information.

I struggle reading books about investing because they are generally dry and full of numbers and concepts I don’t fully understand (hence why it’s important to read them).

But with Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street, he does a good job of telling how he creates a story around each stock pick and how to analyze if it’s a good buy.

Because of the amount of good stuff in this book I want to re-read it again and come up with a spreadsheet or a checklist of all the ways you should analyze a stock.

Once I do that I will come back here and write a more complete review.

Biggest Takeaway:

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone starting in the stock market and wants to have a strategy for how they pick which stocks to invest in.

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