Man's Search For Meaning Book Cover

Man’s Search for Meaning

by: Viktor E. Frankl

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Book Summary:

I have seen this book on many reading lists. I finally decided to give it a go. I am very glad that I did.

This book made me stop reading a few times. Not because it was boring but because I was in deep thought and couldn’t focus.

The first 100 pages of the novel detail Frankl’s experience in a Nazi concentration camp. He breaks down the different stages the prisoners went through.

But from his experience he is able to go into depth into the age-old question of “what is the meaning of life”

I strongly recommend this read for everyone at any stage in their life. But especially if you feel stuck or are confused on your purpose in life (or how to find it for that matter).

Biggest Takeaway:

There is a lot to take away from this book.

The biggest things that I enjoyed was the concept of finding meaning through suffering, but if you can leave the suffering then you absolutely should.

America has a way of making people feel shame for suffering or depression but only when you stop looking for happiness or ways to get out of your depression can you get really get to the crux of your problem.

I will enjoy reading more into logothearpy and Frankl’s views on existentialism.

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