The Go Giver Book Cover

The Go-Giver Book Review

by: Bob Burg & John David Mann

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Book Summary:

This was the first book that I have ever sat down and finished in one reading. Not only that, but it has instantly become one of my favorite books.

I liked this book a lot because of the style it was written in. The short, digestible chapters were fun to work through.

In addition, each chapter had a great takeaway (which was reviewed at the end).

I found it interesting that I could sense the direction of the book before finishing it, but I couldn’t put it down and wanted to make sure it played out how I expected.

All of the values covered in this book are reality-based and can be implemented the same day you read this book, and because of that, this book gets a favorable nod from me.

I would recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck in life and wants to know how to quickly create success in their life. You can literally read this book in a couple hours and apply its teachings the same day.

Biggest Takeaway:

I hesitate to list out “The Five Laws Of Stratospheric Success” here in fear that if you are reading this you will assume you don’t need to read the book.

But the biggest takeaway from this book are the 5 laws and how simple they are to put into practice.

I hope you enjoy reading The Go-Giver as much as I did.

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