Developing The Leader Within You Book Cover

Developing The Leader Within You

by: John C. Maxwell

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Book Summary:

This book was suggested to me by a CEO who read it and said he learned a lot from it.

The style of this book is slightly different than other books on my list. It is slightly like a workbook where it asks you questions and expects you to fill in the blank.

The chapters cover things like setting priorities, people, attitude, and a bunch of other important management topics.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into writing this book with both anecdotal stories, studies, and calls to action.

However, I felt the stories, although nice, left me wanting more.

I wanted something more to sink my teeth into. Perhaps more strategies and tactics with data behind them.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to find their leadership identity or wants to think critically about where they are at on their leadership journey.

Biggest Takeaway:

The 5 levels of leadership example was interesting and something I hadn’t thought of it quantifiable terms.

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