My core values

I’d love for you to know where I stand. Here are some of my core values.

  1. Faith-based leadershipLive the golden rule and try to lead others as Jesus would lead. Give your time, energy, and money to the people you believe in.
  2. Don’t talk about it, be about ita man’s word is powerful. Honor and integrity show up the most in your daily actions.
  3. Stress-lessbe present in the moment. Actively find ways to reduce the stress and noise in your life. Simplify whenever possible. Be an expert at prioritizing the important things in life. Only focus on the things you CAN control.
  4. Invest in memoriesGo out of the way to invest your time, money and energy into memories and experiences.

Life List

I strongly believe everyone should have a life list. You only get one life…you might as well have some big dreams. You can view my life list here.