More About Me

I love hoops, code, marketing, and a bunch of other things.


I realized that although this website is a collection of all things I enjoy I didn’t have an official about page for the longest time.

So here is an ever growing list of facts about me.

  • I taught myself to code (still learning every day)
  • I really enjoy front end development
  • I enjoy learning about design and appreciate well-designed products
  • I love to read
  • I like to be creative
  • I like solving tough problems
  • I am a life-long learner
  • I am a big Harry Potter fan
  • I like to memorize active players in the NBA and where they went to college
  • I played college basketball (we won the national championship in 2012)
  • I met my wife in college
  • I live lived in Portland Oregon
  • I like to write
  • I enjoy researching products and services more than I actually like buying them