The Real Estate Facebook Marketing Secrets Playbook Course

The Real Estate Facebook Marketing Secrets Playbook Mockup

After running $40k+ in Facebook ads for my company (Carrot) and my personal blogs I thought I would try and put together a course for real estate investors.

I truly believe the best way to learn something is to teach it. In addition to transferring my knowledge, I wanted to practice more with custom post types in WordPress and see if I could build a course with code vs using a plugin or hosted solution.

I got to work creating video content for the course. I scoped the content to real estate investors looking to generate motivated seller leads to their Carrot website. I went pretty niche with this course because it’s what I know and I didn’t want to come off as someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

I learned that creating a course without scripts is a bad idea. I would film a video, edit it, render it, and then watch it and wish I had said things differently or added more context. If I were to film another course in the future I would slow down and write out every single script before I started recording myself.

I am not actively promoting this course because I feel it could be a lot better. Facebook marketing is a beast and always changing. If I don’t plan on keeping this course updated I would feel bad actively marketing it.

On the code side of things, I really enjoyed using ACF fields and a custom post type to give me the functionality I wanted to create modules. I can easily drop headlines, YouTube URLs, and descriptions into a simple UI and everything is handled on the front end for me.

Overall, I learned a ton during this project and will be making more course in the future.