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I let this website go. I spent hours and hours coding this site but in the end, I needed to focus on other projects. I am leaving this here as a reminder of what I was hoping to accomplish.

NanoTutorials is a Frankenstein of a project. It started out as a way to use Roots and Sage to build a custom theme for online courses.

The goal was to have a membership site with a bunch of training videos.

There are plenty of plugins that give this functionality but I custom coded most of the features needed to launch this.

Then it morphed into an idea involving email funnels.

I was studying some popular email marketers and decided to capture their funnels in my inbox and look for patterns.

I thought this would be useful for other marketers so I started publishing their funnels in a custom post type that I created. I hacked the built-in WordPress category feature and here is the result.

If I ever find more time I will create more videos and find a way to automatically update the WordPress posts when new emails hit my inbox.