March 2019 Goals

Phillips Wake Up Light

I am a little behind on publishing this post but don’t worry, I have my goals for March mapped out.

We are continuing the theme of keeping them simple and attainable. I will start by listing them out below and then share a HUGE insight I gained this month.

  •  Read 1 Peter
    • Post on
  • 1,000 push ups
  • Track macros each week
  • Pay off $1k of student loan debt
  • Read Atomic Habits
  • Workout for 30 minutes 6x/week
  • Don’t snooze my alarm for 2 weeks
  • No social media for 1 week

I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear this month and WOW. This book is shifting a lot of my thinking about how I plan my goals and the habits I create. I previously read Charles Duhigg’s The Power Of Habits and loved the book. James Clear covers a lot of the same psychology (it is what it is after all) but has a lot of practice tips and perspective that is absent in Duhigg’s writing.

One of the biggest takeaways thus far is focusing on goals is a miscalculation. Instead, I should be focusing on the system, processes, and habits that I want to develop to hit my goals.

Here is what I have learned.

  • Winners and losers set the same goals
  • Hitting your goals means temporary happiness
  • Hitting your goal can mean you leave behind the habit you created to get there

Up until this point in my life, I have been incredibly goal driven. But it almost feels as though I need the goals to be short-sighted so I can see the end result as quickly as possible (the reward in the habit loop).

I want to try and set up April to be more focused on process and systems. If you look at my goals above you will notice most of them are actually just habits. Getting up early to workout, eat healthier, read more, and be financially secure.

I still think goals are important but I want to take a little more time thinking through the habits I have and seeing if I can’t make these automatic so I don’t have to repeatedly put them on a list every month to make sure I actually do them. My hope is that these automatic functions will open up mind space to tackle bigger goals/habits.


1 Peter

Selecting 1 Peter was done without researching how many chapters are in the book of 1 Peter. Spoiler, there are only 4. So I was able to accomplish this goal really easily. It’s a great book in the Bible through and I recommend everyone read it. Especially if you want to know what it means to live a Christian life.

No Social Media

I knocked out 1 week of no social media. I won’t lie, it was tough. I found myself picking up my phone multiple times per day with nothing to do on it. I realized I have some pretty bad habits related to my phone.

Don’t Snooze

Phillips Wake Up LightStill struggling with this one a bit. I technically don’t hit the snooze button but usually close my eyes for another 5-10 minutes before getting up. It always amazes me I don’t sleep longer and completely miss my wake up time. I use the Phillips wake up light and think it is a huge benefit over an iPhone. I feel I wake up more naturally if that is a thing and really enjoy the soft music that warms up as you get close to your wake up time. I am sure the clock has a snooze feature but I don’t know where it is or how to use (strategically don’t want to know). I know when I turn the alarm off (the light goes off) and if I lay down again I am risking not getting up. The biggest bummer with this light is when it’s unplugged it wipes out all of its previous settings. If you struggle to get up or are tired of your loud iPhone going off, give this wake-up light a try and let me know what you think.


1,000 push ups

I started off really strong with this goal and was doing 100 push ups every other day. But recently I have been getting after it in the gym a little more and my soreness has increased so I always make an excuse not to do push-ups. I am starting to drop and do 10-20 push-ups in between meetings at work to get my blood pumping. After reading James Clear’s book he talks about habit stacking. For example, as soon as I close out of a Google Meet, drop and do 10 push ups. If I get in that habit it will become second nature and I can carry this goal into the rest of the year without having to track it.

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