What I Learned From My January Goal

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If you look here you will see that my January goal was to try and read the Bible every day for 30 days.

I failed.

In this post I want to break down why I wasn’t able to follow through with, what I thought, was an easy 30-day challenge. Some of the things I have learned, and how I plan to grow from them.

To start, I am not a night time reader.

Reading at night puts me to sleep. But I wanted to read these Bible verses with my wife and night turns out to be the best time for us to share in this activity together.

The first thing I would change is when I read.

Bible Plan ScreenshotNext, I thought having an app would be a great way to break down what to read and keep track of the challenge. This turned out to be partially true.

The app was great at keeping track of what I had read but I didn’t quite understand the way it made me read the daily verses. It seemed difficult to keep track of what I still had to read.

I also had to configure the version of the Bible because it was not the translation I was use to reading.

The second thing I learned was that reading from a physical copy of the Bible provides a better experience (at least for me).

Reading off my iPhone felt weird and I didn’t like it as much as turning the pages.

Now what?

I am not giving up on this habit. I will try and do more reading out of the Bible but it will be in the morning, and out of the physical copy I own.