January 2019 Goals & My Progress Updates

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Last year I tried to do a 30-day challenge each month. I gave up halfway through the year and only completed a handful of the challenges.

I am incredibly goal oriented so I wanted to switch it up a bit and try something different this year. I set annual goals and then broke them down to monthly goals.

I will share my January goals here and what I am doing to accomplish each of them with progress reports.

January’s Goals

  • Read the book of John
  • Attend a men’s group at my church
  • Track macros each week (2400 calories, 240g Carbs, 210g Protein, 67g Fat)
  • Go workout 4x a week
  • Put 20% of my paycheck in my savings account

The book of John

Complete – I decided to start with John because a lot of Bible series recommended it as a good starting point in the new testament when trying to study the Bible. Once I started reading in the morning it was pretty easy to make it through the 21 chapters. I took my time and mediated on what I was reading and wrote down my key takeaways in my journal. I moved into the book of Acts already.

Attend a men’s group

Incomplete – I should have looked at this before setting it as a goal. Apparently, they moved the day and time of the men’s group to Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am. Although my schedule is flexible, I struggled to leave work for this one. I will need to find another way to achieve this goal next month.

Track my macros

Complete – I missed a few days here and there with all of the travel I did in January. For the most part, I tracked everything I ate and am much more clear on a path forward to achieve my health-related goals. I knew this already but tracking my macros confirmed it, I need to eat more protein and watch the sugar and saturated fat I eat. Some of my favorite meals could be a little healthier and cutting cheese and breakfast sausage from my diet is a good first step in hitting my macros a little easier. I plan to keep this goal for February and get a little more strict with it so I can see results.

Workout 4x a week

Incomplete -I should mark this one complete. The only reason I missed this goal was that I was traveling 2 of the 4 weeks of January. I have a workout partner and it makes all the difference in the gym. We both keep each other accountable and push ourselves in the gym. I plan to keep this goal for next month and if I am in town I plan on hitting this goal.

Save 20% of my paycheck

Complete – Payday is within the next couple of days. I have direct deposit set up to handle this for me, but that is the easy part. It’s now up to me to keep my hands off it and leave it in my savings. I will keep this goal going into next month as well.

Lessons Learned

Travel will throw off your plans real quick. If you plan on traveling you need to put extra thought into how you will stick with your goals. I found it hard to hit my goals when my routine wasn’t in my control.

It’s so much easier to stick to a routine at home when you can control your diet, time, and focus.

Next month’s goals will be very similar to January’s. I want to build up to some bigger goals but want to see myself gain momentum as we go into the year. Establishing some of these habits and training myself to achieve these goals are going to stack onto each other and make it a successful 2019.

Catch ya in the next month’s progress update.


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