What I Learned From My February Goal

Thank you note - hand written

Ouch, another failed month of trying to complete a 30-day challenge. February’s goal was a miss.

It’s fair to say that I am a little disappointed. The whole point of these 30-day challenges was to create a pattern disrupt and break some bad habits by forming new ones.

So far, not so good.

But I will not be deterred. Today is March 1st and another opportunity to start a new habit.

What I learned from trying to write a thank you note each day

First off, writing notes is easy. This challenge should have been accomplished.

Where I set myself up for failure was not doing the legwork before starting to write the notes. I should have had everyone in mind, their address, etc.

Not knowing who to write to and where to send the note killed my momentum.

I should have bought 30 stamps, as I only had 8-9 so I was setting myself up to fail from the beginning.

I took a couple trips at the beginning of the month and didn’t pack my cards.

You have to be very intentional with your day to day habits

By leaving my blank notes at home I had no way to continue this challenge. I didn’t even think to pack them when I was heading out of town.

It just showed me how important it is to be thoughtful of how you spend your day and what you do with it.

Not all is lost

I really did enjoy writing the 8 notes that I finished.

I have heard stories of numerous successful people keeping a stack of blank thank you cards in their desks so they can pen a quick note whenever they feel the urge.

The value is now apparent to me and I will continue to buy nice thank you cards as I see them.