February 2019 Goals & My Progress Updates


Another month and another set of goals. If you are following along you know that January’s goals were a success.

Time to follow up with another month of similar goals.

February 2019’s Goals

  • Read the book of Acts and Romans
    • Document my thoughts about the readings
  • Track macros each week (2600 calories, 260g Carbs, 210g Protein, 74g Fat)
  • Go workout 4x a week
  • Put 20% of my paycheck in my savings account
  • Commit to a unit & buy out of state hunting tags

You will notice that these goals are very similar to last month’s goals. This is completely intentional. After failing most of my goals in 2018 I wanted to take some pressure off my self and only focus on goals I know I could hit.

My strategy is to build momentum and slowly take on bigger goals throughout the year. I don’t want to define them yet because I want to avoid the pressure until I am ready to set my sights a little higher.

Internal vs external goals

I read an amazing article by Scott Young about the difference between internal and external goals for self-improvement.

I came to understand that some of my goals were out of my control and required external forces to align before I could reach my goal.

To offset this I focused on internal goals so it is 100% up to me whether or not I accomplish my goals. I would encourage you to take a look at your goals and see how many are realistic if you just do the work.

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