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Consistently Generate Seller & Buyer Leads With Facebook Ads

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Save Time With This Facebook Course

Save Time & Money With This Course

When I first started running ads on Facebook I was overwhelmed. There was so much information out there about which ad types to test and how create retargeting audiences that I lost a lot of sleep and money testing everything. Let me save you hours of your life and thousands of dollars by showing you what you need to know for real estate specific ads.

Let’s face it. Targeting a motivated seller online isn’t easy. But you can make it easier on yourself by going through this course to level up your Facebook marketing knowledge quickly.

Learn Strategies That Actually Work

It’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds. I would know. When I first started running Facebook traffic I would create dozens of ads every week to test. I would have some big wins and some big losers. Why? Because there was no strategy behind my madness. I was literally praying someone would see an ad and click on it.

Those days are long gone. Now I have an ad strategy that I know works and converts visitors into leads.

What’s Included In The Course?

21+ Videos | Strategy Guides | Actual Ad Examples

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✅ A guide showing the exact ad types I run

✅ Resource downloads + more coming soon…

✅ Real estate investor specific strategies

✅ Carrot members will see me install the pixel on a Carrot site

Who Is This Facebook Marketing Course For?

This course is for real estate investors (and agents) who want to create ads that convert visitors into leads.

More leads = more deals = more $$$

This course is for investors who…

  • Struggle to create ads that convert visitors to leads
  • Has trouble setting up the pixel and creating the right retargeting audiences
  • Unable to understand the data coming from your ads on Facebook and wants to optimize the ad spend
  • Frustrated with the lack of results you are getting from Facebook
  • Tired of feeling like a faliure and feel like it’s impossible to stay up to date with all the new marketing methods out there.

If any of these speak to you then this course is going to help you bust down those walls and create ads that generate leads for your business.

I will be honest with you. Not everyone can be successful at creating amazing Facebook ads. It comes down to understanding the basics, implementing what you learn, and testing what your market wants. There is no silver bullet for Facebook™ ads. You must test and see what works for your brand and your market.

You can be smart about it and avoid common mistakes like thinking you need to know everything about Facebook marketing and showing ads to a small audience. But at the end of the day, no results are guaranteed because there are so many variables that go into marketing. One thing is certain, if you put in the time and let the data speak for itself you will be able to come out ahead with Facebook marketing. I look forward to you stepping up your Facebook marketing game with me. Together, I know we can see a healthy ROI.


❓ Question: How long is the course?
👍 Answer: This course allows you to go at your own speed. There are 21+ videos in the course and each video varies from 5-20 minutes in length. You can watch a video, implement the lesson and come back to the next one when you are ready. Someone who was motivated enough could finish this course in a weekend.

❓Question: How long do I have access to the course?
👍 Answer: You will have unlimited access to the course. Whenever I make updates or changes to the course you are able to see them and enjoy new content and lessons.

❓Question: What if I am not satisfied with the course after I pay?
👍 Answer: I want you to be extremely successful with running your Facebook ads. If after the course you feel you didn’t learn anything new and there was nothing worthwhile to implement I will give you a 100% refund within the first 30 days. I know there is value in this course so I will stand by it and refund your money if you aren’t happy.

❓Question: What if I have questions or problems?
👍 Answer: Great question! There is a feedback form for each video. Just fill that out with what you are struggling with the course or your question and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

❓Question: Can I pay with someone else besides PayPal?
👍 Answer: Right now I am only taking payments through PayPal. Contact me here if you would like to discuss other payment options. In the future, I will offer more payments but PayPal is cheap and easy right now so that is what I am going with to start.

❓Question: Why is this course so cheap?
👍 Answer: I want this course to be accessible for everyone. In the future I might increase the price if I include more videos, resources, strategy guides, 1 on 1 access and other value. I have put an incredible amount of time into the filming, editing, diagraming, and creation of this course so I wanted to put it up for a fair price to keep me motivated to improve it and share more content and knowledge.


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