FREE: Facebook Marketing Course

Learn Facebook Marketing By Moving Through These Lessons At Your Own Speed

Lesson 1 — Decide On Your Marketing Strategy

Without a strategy, you will likely spend more than you should and be disappointed with your Facebook campaigns. Let’s fix that. Let’s talk strategy.

Lesson 2 — Facebook Business Page Optimizations

This video will show you how to create a Facebook business page and optimize it.

Lesson 3 — Understanding Budgets

Before we start spending money. Let’s talk about how Facebook will charge you so there are no surprises. This video is all about billing and budgeting.

Lesson 4 — Ads Manager + Power Editor Overview

There are two ways to run ads on Facebook, power editor, and ads manager. In this video, I will show you an overview of Ads Manager and Power Editor

Lesson 5 — Custom Audiences Introduction

This is one of the most powerful features of Facebook marketing. In this video, we will talk about custom audiences, lookalike, and engagement audiences. Plus how to effectively use them.

Lesson 6 — Building Your Custom Audiences

In this video, I will show you how to create custom audiences and some of the strategy when creating these for your next Facebook campaign.

Lesson 7 — Conversion Campaigns

In this video, we will put it all together. We will take our previous lessons and launch a campaign from start to finish that is optimized for conversions.

Lesson 8 — Lead Form Campaigns

In this video, we will show you how to launch a lead ad from start to finish.

Lesson 9 — Link Click Campaigns

In this video, we will create a link click campaign from start to finish. These campaigns are best if you are a blogger and want people to read your content or learn more about your brand.

Lesson 10 — Understanding Ad Relevancy

Facebook has an algorithm for showing ads. I will quickly talk about how ad relevancy fits into that calculation and what you should look for when you launch your ads.

Lesson 11 — Ad Reporting

You have spent some money on Facebook ads, but how do you know if it was spent effectively? Facebook reporting gives us an insight into where we can maximize our dollars and cut out underperforming ad sets and ads.

Lesson 12 — Facebook Campaign Optimizations

In this video, I will show you a few ways you can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns after you have let them spend some money.