2017 Challenges

Below you will find what challenge I selected for each month and my progress towards each.

FAILED January’s Goal – Read the Bible 30 Days In A Row

I will admit it, this is a warm up. This should be one of the easier 30-day challenges I attempt. Reading the bible from cover to cover is on my life list. But this will be a good warm up to that bigger goal. Last year I challenged myself to read more. I already have a good habit of reading. But this month, I want to focus on my spiritually. Here is what I have done to prepare for this challenge.

Read what I learned from this challenge here.

FAILED February’s Goal – Show Gratitude Everyday For 30 Days

This is a big one. Showing gratitude for big and little things in life is a great way to stay balanced. I am a big believer in always looking for the positives in any situation. This challenge will focus my desires and ambitions by first remembering what I have achieved and showing gratitude for it. I am lucky to work for an amazing company that gifted me this kit which I will use.

Read what I learned from this challenge here.

FAILED March’s Goal – Complete 1,000 push ups in 30 Days

This month I want to focus on my health. I love doing pushups in the middle of the day when my energy is low. It feels good to get the blood pumping. I want to record how many pushups I do a day and need to average 33ish per day to reach 1,000.

FAILED April’s Goal – I didn’t even set a goal

I feel that these 30-day challenges aren’t doing for me what I hoped. The entire point of these exercises was to encourage the formation of new “good” habits and get me closer to some of my year long goals. I am starting to understand that 30-days might be too long for me to hold myself accountable. Perhaps these need to be weekly goals?

COMPLETED May’s Goal – ☕ Start Every Morning With A Miracle Morning ☕

If you haven’t heard of Hal Elrod he publishes his thoughts about how to have a productive day on his site here. I have been in a slump the last 2 months with my mornings. I am using his Miracle Morning idea to jumpstart my goals again and get back on track. So every morning I am going to wake up early and follow a routine that I have used in the past to keep me motivated and productive. I wrote a book review about the Miracle Morning if you are interested.

COMPLETED June’s Goal – No Social Media For A Month

I have been on social media for years. I rarely stop to take a break. The mindless scrolling, reading, liking, it can wear you out. So I decided to delete all of my social media apps and see what happened. You know what? I was surprised with my reaction. You can read more about it on my blog post here.

FAILED July’s Goal – I didn’t even set a goal

No excuses. Got busy, have been traveling nearly every weekend which makes challenges tough. Going to call this month a wash and recommit to my challenges next month.

ALMOST COMPLETED August’s Goal – Plant Based Meals

I have always wanted to cut meat from my diet and see how it makes me feel. I am of the opinion that the amount and methods in which Americans eat meat is unsustainable and unncessary. I have always eaten meat with every meal. I want to challenge myself and see what it is like to cut animal based protein from my diet.