Why I don’t give a s*** about keywords

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO. Or at least they use to be.

There was a time when I actually enjoyed keyword research.

It was easy, it was fun.

It’s like a puzzle, you have all of these pieces and then you start placing together strings of words that go well next to each other.

From there, you just write good content, deep link, get backlinks, make sure your meta information is right, the list goes on.

All the extra stuff that goes a long with keywords really sucks the fun out of it.

But after missing the first page of Google countless times I realized something…

All that keyword research is a big ass waste of time.

You can optimize the shit out of post and have it never reach the second page of Google. Not your fault entirely. The websites above you are just better.

Better content, better SEO, better backlinks, and all around just better.

I got tired of all the courses, listicles, free downloads, ebooks all pimping the same idea.

Here is a formula to get your content to rank.

I tried and I failed…countless times.

So what, who cares.

What are there like 1 billion blogs? Why would I think that my content would or should rank above some of the industry leaders.

Kind of naive now that I think about it.

Am I saying that I am going to give up on writing for my blogs, no I am not saying that at all.

Rather, I am saying that I would like to start writing about things I want to write about and not care if the content ranks.

I no longer care if my content follows “The Definitive Guide To SEO & Growth Hacking Your Way Into Outter Space”.

I am just going to write. Not give a shit about SEO, and more importantly not give a shit about if anyone reads it.

I sound like a big baby, which sucks as that was not the intent.

All I am trying to convey is that millions of pieces of content are published everyday and we should stop thinking that our content deserves to be read.

Write because you like it not because of the benefits that come with a first page article.

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