Content that doesn’t suck

One of the best things about blogging without an audience is you can say whatever you want.

I don’t have a bunch of readers looking at this content. That’s fine. Means my job is a whole lot easier.

Dude, if you don’t have followers, why do you write?

Because I like it and I don’t have to explain myself to you 🙂

I write, but I also read a lot of content on the web everyday

I work from home, and as such, I read a lot of blogs. Honestly half of the blogs I subscribe to have the same boring content and look just like everyone else.

Except for a few bloggers/writers who I really enjoy following and reading.

So here is a list of writers whose content doesn’t suck

James Altucher – Crazy hair aside, James has some interesting thoughts on the latest trends in Silicon valley, tech and life. I have opted into some of his sidebar offers (I usually do this to see what marketers are doing), and the content is pretty darn good. Check him out.

Yann Girard – I honestly can’t remember how I found Yann’s blog. But I am glad I did. Like me Yann is an inspiring content marketer. He is more successful in terms of readership but what really draws me to his content is his personal story. He has been living all over the world and posts content daily from 3rd world countries, whenever he can find some WiFi. He has a few side projects he is launching and I look forward to following him on his journey and seeing the success he will have.

Mitchell Harper – I was turned onto Mitchell’s content by a coworker. Mitchell has sold his share of a few successful companies and is now in the process of starting a new venture where he helps entrepreneurs exceed their current numbers. Unlike most content marketers in this space, Mitchell actually delivers on solid, actionable content. He seems down to earth and genuine in all of the podcast he is invited on and I look forward to reading more of his content.

Nathan Barry – Nathan is the founder of ConvertKit, which is an email automation service for email marketers. Nathan’s content is fantastic. He doesn’t publish a lot like some of the content marketers on this list, but when he does, you know it’s going to be gold. Nathan’s content is always interesting and usually gives real numbers and data on whatever he is working on at the moment. If you are thinking about starting a SaaS business, then you need to read Nathan’s work.

Chris Lee – I have been following Chris’ stuff for a while. Again, I can’t remember how I stumbled upon his blog but I remember when he first launched RankXL and I have enjoyed every post he has put out. Much like Brian Dean’s Backlinko, Chris’ focuses on long, highly detailed, image oriented blog posts explaining how he grows WordPress websites into AdSense money pits. Chris seems genuine and always willing to help whenever he engages with readers of his blog. If you want to monetize your website, check out Chris’ RankXL.

Mackenzie Child – Mackenzie doesn’t really put out much content in the written form. He is a YouTuber and a bad ass designer. I am adding him on this list because his design work always inspires me and you should check him out and see some of his work.

That’s all I have for now.

I am sure there are more awesome copy writers that I am forgetting to mention on here.

Of course these are all my opinion and you should make up your own mind for what type of content you like to read.

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