Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Hackers Never Sleep)

I enjoy learning about cyber security and the newest threats on the internet. Most of the time I am way out of my depth and struggle to grasp key concepts. There is so much out there and it is really hard to keep a pulse on the latest spam and hacking methods as they are … Continued

What Is Blackhatworth Spam? (How To Filter It)

If you are reading this chances are you are seeing something like this in your Google Analytics account and you are worried that blackhatworth is able to hack your site and/or affecting your SEO rankings. Read on to learn why a .htaccess rule won’t work, why you shouldn’t be worried, and a simple way to remove … Continued

Speed Up Your WordPress Site and Rank Better [How-To-Guide]

[Update: I have changed to a different WordPress theme so a lot of this info is out of date] Here is a guide you can use to speed up your WordPress site and potentially rank better. Optimizing websites using Google’s Page Speed Insightcan be a worth while exercise to cut some fat in your websites file … Continued

How To Remove Darodar Spam

Update: As of 1/7/15: I found some interesting information about what exactly is going on with Darodar spam. Check it out below also. In my most recent Google Analytics reports I stumbled across another spammer sending ghost referral traffic and interrupting my data. This post will help teach you how to remove darodar spam from you … Continued

How to easily remove the Semalt spam crawler

If you are like most websites on the internet you were hit with a spam crawler called Semalt. There are quiet a few people in Google’s product forum asking how to easily remove the Semalt spam crawler. Chances are you found this post by looking for a way to easily remove the Semalt spam from … Continued