The top 5 most important google analytics reports

The top 5 most important google analytics reports Okay maybe I lied. It is nearly impossible to assume that all Analytics users are going to need the same reports. Or find certain reports more valuable then others. I mean an e-commerce site has a very different way of using their website then a blog about … Continued

How To Rank In Bing Search

Ranking #1 for Google search is a big accomplishment. If you are able to rank at the top of a page you are likely to get some traffic to your site. But let’s not forget that Bing is another search engine that can rank content. If you look in your Analytics account you can see which … Continued

How I Ranked Above Neil Patel’s Site And Why It Doesn’t Matter

[Update: Neil responded to my email…see his response at the bottom of this post.] I like checking my SERPs on the weekends. It is the nerdy data driven side of me. This weekend I was looking at a few keywords and I noticed I was ranking on the second page for a keyword with 122,000,000 search … Continued

Does Updating A Post Affect Page Rank?

I made a post a few months ago about the Semalt spam crawler. Which thankfully worked and has removed the spam from my Google Analytics data. Since the original post hundreds of other posts have appeared on the topic. When I originally decided to write the article I did some research and found it was … Continued

How I Failed At Starting An E-Commerce Site

My dad always told me “it takes a big man to admit his mistakes” and I strongly believe that to be true. But another childhood hero of mine, Michael Jordan said “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” So what did I learn about starting an E-Commerce site? To be … Continued

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Hackers Never Sleep)

I enjoy learning about cyber security and the newest threats on the internet. Most of the time I am way out of my depth and struggle to grasp key concepts. There is so much out there and it is really hard to keep a pulse on the latest spam and hacking methods as they are … Continued

What Is Blackhatworth Spam? (How To Filter It)

If you are reading this chances are you are seeing something like this in your Google Analytics account and you are worried that blackhatworth is able to hack your site and/or affecting your SEO rankings. Read on to learn why a .htaccess rule won’t work, why you shouldn’t be worried, and a simple way to remove … Continued