[Review] Straw: A new way to poll friends

I love brainstorming ideas for apps. But as we all know, ideas are easy, implementation is hard. The whole idea is fascinating really. You create a poll, ask your friends to share their answers, and everyone can see the results. The team at Straw App have done just that. Not only do their polls work … Continued

[Treehouse Review] What I Learned After 12,963 Points

Team Treehouse is an online education subscription that teaches a wide variety of web related skills and technologies. Treehouse courses cover everything from front end development, back end development, design, and even starting your own business. I have tried many other code schools but I am a big fan of Treehouse for a couple reasons: … Continued

Agency Analytics Review

To keep your head on straight you need to use some tools when working on SEO. One of the hardest parts of SEO is finding which tools work. There are some big players in the game like: Ahrefs Moz SEMrush We have used all of these tools and honestly, they all work great. It really … Continued

The Easiest Way To Align Buttons In WooCommerce

Before/After If you are using WooThemes’ WooComerce plugin┬áto create an ecommerce┬ásite then chances are you need to align the bottoms to make the columns look a little better. Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all solution. There are a couple variables that could cause this solution not to work for your theme. However, … Continued

How To Use Foundation Top-Bar To Overlay Background Image

For the longest time I have struggled with getting my Foundation top-bar to overlay a full width image, think hero image. The biggest problem is making it work on the home page and then have different styles on the inner pages. The results The problem If you have a transparent background and your <body> is … Continued

Oregon Hiking Trails Google Maps Mashup

I have been playing around with a new piece of technology called Kimono Labs. Kimono Labs allows you to turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds. I found a great resource that listed a bunch of hiking trails in Oregon. Sadly Kimono Labs was purchased and support for their API tools are … Continued